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While you focus on your core business, I can assist in generating high-quality leads and appointments.

The connection handles telemarketing, lead generation, appointment setting, marketing campaign follow-up, and reactivation of dormant clients.

It is important to consider that: It is possible that by expanding your client base and exploring new markets, your products and services could reach a wider audience.

AI, Ethics & Law

Past research topics and projects:
- Examination of ethical implications in the deployment of new technology, including business and revenue models.
- Analysis of legal implications in information exchange, with a focus on government and industrial applications.
- Exploration of moral design considerations while developing intelligent environments, such as smart cities and moral games.
- Investigation of ethical, legal, and psychological implications in designing robotics for military or industrial purposes, commercial use, or government decisions.
- Research projects in the field of metajuridica or with a criminisophical approach.

Nudging &
Psycho-Social Aspects of Smart Tech

Optimizing lifestyles through technology involves modifying behavior. It is important to consider that persistent stubborn habits may lead to a loss of efficiency. However, it is also crucial to maintain balance and avoid a decline in the quality of life. Therefore, a special plan of action is necessary to align both the human and natural worlds.

Projects should aim to optimize the behavior of residents in homes so that technology can work optimally during renovations. The cost-effectiveness and efficiency improvements are apparent, resulting in reduced costs and burdens for both residents and cooperatives.

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